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My 4th Tumblr Birthday Giveaway!

Yes, bagnusmane is 4 years old. Which does say a lot about me. (*coughs* internet addict *coughs*)

So, I wanted to celebrate this by doing a little giveaway.
This giveaway mainly contains books which are new or already read by me but still in a good condition.

But why would I give away these precious little things?
1) I have most of the more than once. (People like to give me books)
2) These books deserve to be spread and be read and if you haven’t yet, then you should.


  1. You don’t have to follow me. I mean, it would be hella fab but it’s not a condition.
  2. Reblog/Like as much as you like to participate but don’t spam your followers
  3. No giveaway blogs, please
  4. You must be okay with giving me your address
  5. I ship internationally
  6. Keep you inbox open. I will message you if you win and you have to reply within 24 hours
  7. Deadline: 1st February 

The Prizes:

  1. 1st: A mockingjay clock (like you see there) + 1-6 books of your choice
  2. 2nd: 1-6 books of your choice

That’s it, I guess…

If you have any questions, hit my ask box!

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